April 20 - May 25, 2019

Tom Sachs’ Smutshow at Tomio Koyama Gallery is an exhibition that links with and serves to mutually complement the “Historical Garden” featured in Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. Presented on this occasion are a series of tea utensils and related objects that embody “Tom Sachs’ world of chanoyu,” including “Kodo” (2017) in which he uniquely interprets and sublimates the traditional Japanese culture of kodo (the art of appreciating incense) into his own work; “Fredo” (2018), a handmade ‘perfectly imperfect chawan’ featuring the NASA logo; and “Cha-ire” (2018) that incorporates a battery by Japanese electronic power tools manufacturer, Makita Corporation. With the shelving and display units also designed by Sachs himself, the exhibition consists of 28 works that are either new or have never before been presented in Japan.