January 20 - February 24, 2001

During his last exhibition “Creativity is the Enemy” in 1999, the artist provoked and seduced us with anarchic assemblages such as the “Chanel Guillotine” where he combines violent and threatening tools with desirable attributes or “packaging” (luxury brand logos) and thus propelling the viewer into a conflict between desire and repulsion. In this second solo exhibition by Tom Sachs, WHITE we present his recent works.

Tom Sachs describes himself as a “professional handyman”. Bricolage evokes the work, or rather the tasks performed, by an amateur alchemist, a handyman, an inspired handyman. A knowledgeable do-it-your-self man, the handyman hinders functional “stuff” from collected or recovered materials, which he conceals and remodels in different objects, giving them new uses. Most importantly, it generates a new syntax that oscillates between disappearance and reincarnation, but always in a fun way.

The works exhibited in WHITE emanate a futuristic and refined aesthetic comparable to the spirit of Science-Fiction films such as Star Wars or 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. Fascinated by technology and all the inventions that have radically improved our daily lives, Tom Sachs invites us to take a journey into space. We see our favorite android, R2D2, fragments of space rockets suspended in space, as well as a model of Villa Savoye transformed into Drive-In McDonald's.